Who will be at the Siyum Hashas?

Close to 100,000 Jews will be there for the celebration. Parents will be coming, many with their entire family. Tens of Jewish organizations will be attending and sitting together. Children in summer camps will be attending by the thousands. Over 10,000 people will be flying in from across North America, specifically to attend this historic 3-hour event.

There will be strictly observant, marginally observant, and completely unaffiliated Jews in attendance. In all likelihood, the majority of the participants will be from the spectrum of Orthodox Jews – including Chasidic, modern Orthodox and yeshiva-affiliated men and women. Naturally, some people may be concerned about

feeling uncomfortable around such a large number of strictly observant Jews. Unfortunately, this sentiment can only be undone by actually attending the Siyum. The unparalleled atmosphere there, along with the singing and dancing together with so many thousands of fellow Jews of all backgrounds will surely eliminate any potential awkwardness. The large number of people who had similar concerns prior to their attending the last Siyum Hashas will testify that being there was not only comfortable but that it was the most moving experience in their lifetime – one that has had a long-term residual impact on their Jewish pride and Jewish connection.

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