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Video Submission Release Form
This Consent and Release Form must be submitted with all videos

  • I acknowledge that Partners in Torah has my permission to use the video and my image and statements (or those of my minor child) contained therein in all forms of media.
  • I understand that I will not be paid for the use of the video and my image and statements.
  • I certify that I have not used copyrighted, trademarked or branded material, including music or images in my video.
  • I consent that all persons appearing in or contributing to my video also understand the above

Additional Rules and Information

  • Three raffle entries per person are allowed so long as they meet the above and below criteria.
  • More than one entry per household is allowed as long as each entrant is finishing their own text.
  • Any Jewish text qualifies for raffle entry. If you don’t have a partner you can sign up for a free one at Please note: every effort will be made to pair participants with a suitable study partner though we cannot guarantee that one will be found. If you do not have a study partner, completing one of the books from the recommended book list qualifies you for a raffle entry.
  • To be included in the raffle, you must make a good-faith effort to finish the text by August 1st 2012.
  • Videos MUST show 1) your text and 2) why you are doing this. So that our entire audience can enjoy the videos, please dress modestly. 🙂
  • Select videos will be posted on to help promote its site launch. is designed to promote Siyum (or text completion)-focused Jewish learning in conjunction with the upcoming SiyumHaShas, the largest celebration of Jewish learning and Jewish unity in over 2,000 years. Find out more at Tickets for the SiyumHashas will be available on starting on February 15th. All videos become property of Partners in Torah.
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