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Feel part of the Jewish people like you’ve never felt before. The upcoming Siyum Hashas is the largest celebration of Jewish learning in over two thousand years. Here are two ways you can be part of this historic event:

  1. Plan now to attend the event in New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium on August 1st, 2012.
    Buy your tickets here.
  2. Complete a Jewish text, preferably with a FREE study partner*, on or before August 1st. Even if you don’t plan on attending the Siyum, you’ll have the satisfaction of joining with hundreds of thousands of Jews around the world who will be completing a Jewish text at that time. Review the suggested chavruta study options (or the self-study option**) below then click here to sign-up.

* Jewish learning is classically done with a chavruta or study partner, a person with whom to discuss the concepts and ideas in the text together. By so doing, each of you will understand its meaning more accurately and deeply. There’s no need for you to find your own study partner. We’ll pick someone skilled in Jewish learning who can assist you in completing your project.

** If you prefer to study on your own, select the option on the right. Click on the images for a description of each option.

Suggested Chavruta/Study-Partner Options
Review the suggested study options above then
click here to sign-up »
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