Siyum Profiles

Boca Raton, Florida

My study partner Lisa C. and I are studying the book “The Shabbos Kitchen”. Learning law is important to me because I want a deeper meaning of what it means to keep shabbat. We plan on finishing by August 1st, 2012.

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Max and David’s Siyum

Max and David just finished learning a tractate of Mishna. They studied together for over a year and were very excited for Max to complete learning his first Jewish text in its entirety. Check out this video to see the highlights of their siyum.

Dave Burns

Santa Cruz, CA

Learning the weekly Torah portion with my partner helps me to gain insights into the Torah that I never would have been exposed to before. It’s so wonderful not only to learn with someone who has a different world view and Jewish background as I do, but to also have a constant time every week (besides Shabbat) to put aside the rest of my studies and focus on Torah.

Sarina Bang

Englewood New Jersey

Together with my partner in Torah we have been exploring the concept of Tzniut from Gila Manolson’s book “Outside Inside.” I really enjoy learning this topic because it has given me great insight on how to gain the respect of others and myself. I have learned to focus less on the physical self and more on my attitudes, behaviors, and spiritual growth. Thank you Gila!

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